24 October 2007

Sorry about all the cobwebs and dust

It is unnerving to have a month flash past. It’s not like nothing happened and then it was gone. It’s that all too much happened and what got put to the side simply had to wait its turn. Hi, blog! I’m almost back on my routine, so I am finally able to reincorporate the writing into that apparatus. And that grinding sleeves-rolled-up work I was talking about? It’s about time to get back to that as well.

Here’s a tantalizing morsel before I retire this post. I’ll be starting two companies, not just the one. The additional one will be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It’s kind of a gift, though how much of a mitzvah it will be remains to be seen. More on this in December.

So. You’ve had a month to think about what I’ve written to date. Maybe we’ve spoken. Even so, I invite you to comment about what you’ve been mulling over while I’ve been sorting things out on my end.

p.s. Of this past month’s crazinesses, the funniest bit for me is the notion that NASCAR is fake*.
p.p.s. Really, it’s fake˚˚.

* NASCAR is not fake.
˚˚ You have no idea how tempting it is to add (you know, add, not vandalize) this as one of the Criticism passages in the NASCAR Wikipedia article.


Michael Bottorff said...

Hey there,
Yeah, routine. I'm working on that. When it happens, I might be able to respond as regularly as you post.

As for thinking about what you've written, that's not much of a challenge. I do that. It's more the responsive writing that takes all the time, but it is honestly still on my list or near-term goals. Maybe we can chat some over our weekly (bi-weekly?) lunch. Speaking of, are we on for this week (Thurs or Fri)?

What will the non-profit focus be? Oh, right, more on that in December. ;-)

Lastly, there's no link to the NASCAR is fake thing. No biggie, but it does sound like something I'd be interested in reading.


S. A. Paige said...

501(c)3, huh? You have certainly piqued my curiosity. I'll be looking forward to that blog.

My dad drove up from Vancouver today and took me to lunch. It was great, because I haven't seen him in several months. No excuse really, just haven't. I bring it up because of your NASCAR comments. I read the criticisms link you provided. My dad's hobby is racing motorcycles on the speedtrack. He's getting out of it because of a recent injury, but is still an avid follower of the sport.

Side Note: I question the validity of calling motorsports "sports" but so be it.

I digress. It's just interesting that you happened to post a Nascar related comment (quite unusual in relation to day-to-day topics for those who don't follow it), when we spent much of our lunch talking about the techniques and technologies related to motorcycle racing. One of these was the ever-evolving tire technology that not only improves riders' time and agility, it increases (relatively) the safety of the sport. It surprises me that such a popular sport as Nascar has not had more support or encouragement for technological improvements. One would think there is an easy and natural link between the progressive development of mainline production vehicles and the progression of the car chassis and parts, such as tires, in sports racing.

What I found most interesting about the criticisms of Nascar was the monopolistic structure of the organized sport and the lack of environmental regulations related to it. I suppose most people who love the roar of cars, might not necessarily support bio-fuels, lower particle emissions, and responsible use of non-renewable resources. When I was in high school, I was deeply involved in environmental conservationist causes and activities. I've gotten away from it the past ten years, but find myself continuously drawn back to it. This is just another reminder.

I have sufficiently rambled about desultory links between germane topics, so I'll end it here.

Have a good evening!

Michael Bottorff said...
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Michael Bottorff said...

wow Paige, wow. How about that for random tangents?

Camille said...

Hello! :)

~e said...

Whoa! Your commentors are novelists! How fortunate are you?

I'm going to have to keep my chapter short to say that all your ideas and hair-brained scheming will eventually amount to much more than a hill of beans with your hutzpah. Keep up the grand effort and don't let the cobwebs scare you. If you can see them it usually means that the spider that tended there is long gone. Move ahead and do some sweeping, I say.

It was great to have you here in Hong Kong. I hope that you have a minute to recollect what you learned on your trip here on your blog. If you need pictures, I have a few. I'll post them on Kodak if you want.

Miss you, brother!

tacomachickadee said...

The cobwebs are back .... ;)