07 August 2007

Purpose, more vaguely than exactly

I'm not prepared just yet to go deeply into what I specifically want to do with a company. Though I suppose I should at least suggest the broad target I'm sighting. Do I want to build products? provide services? sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed?* In any case, it will certainly be tech sector oriented in nature.

I know what I'm interested in:
  1. I've got a potentially strong partner that would be able to help me fuel a professional services division. I'm not quakingly excited about building other people's stuff or staffing other companies with my dauntlessly impressive crew. But it is a very lucrative venture and might be a necessary component at least early on.

  2. I have a strong interest in haptic, ubiquitous, and ultra-portable computing. Actually, I am quakingly excited to work in this space and I have a fervent belief that just about everything is going to be a computer in the alarmingly soon. There is a lot of expensive real and more expensive imagined hardware here for me to sort through and I don't know how much I want to share with a venture capital group.

  3. I know a handful of game designers who haven't the resources or bandwidth to productize and monetize thier brilliant games, and I have some inroads into the online and mobile game industry. And suddenly code development rears its money inhaling head. Oh, it's not ugly - it just inhales money and exhales algorythms and subroutines, some of which I won't want to have paid, or waited, for.
So there's some generalities for you. Before I start driving directly at specific business goals in those areas, I'm going to spend some time attacking the formula for a good corporation. By good, I do mean both viable as a business and good as an intangible value. Getting a little ahead of myself; gobs more to come on values.

Anyone have recommendations on where to host images? I think in lists most of the time. However, anything complex usually gets expressed visually. Some of the things I want to discuss I've already drawn out as pictures. Case in point, I have a pretty pitchur of interlocking and overlapping corporate values that I'll want to put eyes on.

* to quote Lloyd Dobler of Say Anything


Christopher said...

You can always embed photos directly into your Blogger posts. Blogspot has a decent amount of space for photos.

Other than that, Google has an okay image service:

But I actually usually just use Facebook's image stuff. It's surprisingly robust.

toraton said...

Imageshack and Photobucket are fairly commonly used, but I don't know what the size limits are like.

MSIM 2008 said...

There's also Flikr, I believe, but do not quote me on this that you can restrict access to pictures if you want, otherwise they are outhere in the ether,

EGV said...

Rad. Thanks, all!

Jenny said...

I like flickr. You can mark all your images 'private' if you want, FYI.

Mike "Pie is a Food not a Number" Tanner said...

I use Photobucket for storage. [I don't have any image editing software on my home computer and photobucket allows for basic editing like cropping and rotating which is handy] For Dinerwood I just upload the pictures directly to blogspot. The only annoying thing with that is the clumsy interface with moving pictures to the desired spot in the post.

EGV said...

Good to hear from you Mr T. For now I'm using Blogger's default (picasa). Blogger does have a limited ability to place images. But since I have some proficiency in HTML, I find that I can fairly easily manipulate placement and presentation from the code.