16 August 2007

Themes and comments

As I get more comfortable writing on a schedule, it strikes me that I'm obviously going to be revisiting a mainstay set of themes. Since lists and routines appeal to me, ascribing broad topicality to regular days strikes me as a reasonable way to structure my thoughts.
  • Sunday - structure and theory
  • Monday - style and presentation
  • Tuesday - principles and interaction
  • Wednesday - behavior and practice
  • Thursday - no recurring theme?
  • Friday & Saturday - guest or null
If I have time Sunday, I'm going to tag the hell out of the posts so far. Joel recommended opening it up to a folksonomy (though I think he was kidding on the square). Supposedly I'll get as many as 70% more tags if I ask for help. Of course, I'll have to figure out a mechanism since I don't think blogger has a tool resembling folksonomy support. Does Josiah want to write one?

While I'm yammering about comments, would it be of interest for me to compile a weekly summation of comments on Thursdays or Sundays? RSS readers don't seem to deliver the comments or notify anyone when new comments are posted. There have been great comments so far. In fact, it's looking like 20-30% of my posts are going to come directly out of reader comments.


Joel413 said...
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Joel413 said...

"kidding on the square" Exactly!

I'm actually fascinated by folksonomy in a way because you sit there and look at some of the words people will associate and say "What the H#ll made you think of that?" If you ever wanted to do that with webpages, you could use del.icio.us Mmmm... yummy.

Josiah said...

There are a multitude of folksonomy engines built around del.icio.us, but if you wanted something special then the blog would probably have to be moved away from blogspot so that a special engine could be hacked on.

I'll have to look into it more; it definitely seems possible at a glance.

A is A said...

I'm big on the notification idea. I keep up with most thing via some sort of notice/alert method. Without one, I'm likely to get behind or miss something. With a notification method, I can easily work this into my daily routine.

As for folksonomy. I guess I'll have to figure out what that means.