13 September 2007

Bonus bad habit: overcommit

  1. Help out a friend in Tennessee? Sure, no sweat.
  2. Work off-hour from an improvised home and mobile office at the same time? Yeah, okay.
  3. Do lots of stuff in town and push most work into the evening? Doable, but starting to sound inadvisable.
  4. Keep blogging as usual, several hours a day? This is a bad idea.
  5. Fill evenings with restaurants and cooking? Okay, now I’m just being dumb.
  6. Sacrifice almost two days to travel and then play a loser’s game of mad catch-up on a Friday? Sounds great, and for good measure add a dose of “my mother thought I was dead because I wasn’t answering my phone” and now we’re talkin’!
  7. Plan to spend the weekend sick or maybe just exhausted? Yeah. Plan for that.

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