20 September 2007

Scaling back

Based on my experience so far, posting thoughtfully takes two to five hours per day. Thus, doing that five times a week is a ten to twenty-five hour effort. That’s fine – enjoyable even – when I'm not, say, up to my neck in random work,* unexpected travel,˚˚ or any number of time-intensive domestic adventures. Oh, and I also like having a social life and maybe be able to carve out some time to aller à bicyclette. Well, with enough distraction and time compression, I end up writing rushed. I’m not happy with the resulting rambling, lack of research, or degradation in the overall clarity of my communication.

Rather than scramble to keep up (or catch up), I think that the more sane tack is to blog less frequently. A few folks have told me that keeping up with five posts a week is a bit much anyhow. When people are commenting, it’s certainly a bit much for me. So I am scaling back to roughly three posts per week.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a teensy bit like this:
Natalie Dee PSA-style self portrait with text, I'm a Quitter
But all things considered, The sheer volume of posting I was doing really was excessive unless blogging was going to become a cornerstone of the business. Which it almost certainly isn't.

To be clear, I am not quitting this project! I'm just blogging less. This will actually give me more time to do some of the administrative stuff to get this thing up and running within a reasonable timeframe.

Now I’m going to have a lovely cup of tea, ride the bike to Seattle and back, and then learn something called “Xcelsius.” I am assured that, despite the moniker, it is not a comic book villain. That is actually a little bit disappointing.

* The word design is in your title, so I’m sure you do graphic design also, right? No? Really? But… but “design.” Well, do it anyway.
˚˚ Hey there Tennessee, how’s the meat? Still in everything? Thought so. And yes, in case you haven’t been, in addition to being rich in antioxidants, vegetables are also rich in meat in the South.
Fun with geometry! Pack a 400 ft² studio with 800 ft² of stuff. It can be done using only ordinary third order n-dimensional Euclidean space. Also? Check your messages. Sometimes your mother thinks you’re dead when you don’t return calls for a week. Surprise! Still alive!

Updated 20 September to correct word-choice typos and add the Natalie Dee image with accompanying paragraphs.


Michael Bottorff said...
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Michael Bottorff said...

You make my day, Ed. This is a fantastic idea. For reference, it usually takes me about an hour to post a thoughtful response to your thoughtful posts.

With a new job on the horizon, another new business development in my "spare time", pre-screening/reviewing Tacoma Film Festival movies, and running two role-playing campaigns, finding those hours tends to be challenging. Of course that doesn't even consider time spent with friends, etc. Speaking of, you should allocate some of your extra "time" to board games! We played an excellent game last time called "Cash 'n Guns" where we got to shoot each other - outstanding. *

**Easy responses such as these only take about 5 minutes.**

EGV said...

Yeah, I'm just glad that the data didn't imply that I should be blogging more.

Here's an unrelated fun farm fact. Readers view this site using Firefox at a rate of more than twice the overall level of Firefox market share and Safari at almost three times national level that Safari commands. Sorry, IE.