10 September 2007

I am (not) my job

Is it reassuring or discomfiting if an executive's identity is obviously, intrinsically, and inseparably tied to their position? No one is going to be bowled over by my saying that your own identity shouldn't be wrapped up in your job. But what about the top tier bosses?

I know what I believe. I'll post it in the comments section, probably Friday morning.

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Josiah said...

I think that a person is not his job. Not even top-tier bosses.

That being said, some of the work I do for this company is the same work I would be doing for myself; some of the projects are so engaging and inspire me to point that I regard the ability to partake as reward enough. This mostly happens with logic issues and programming challenges, but sometimes I find the work so immersive that it would not be odd to see me solving the same problems at home.

I feel that people in my position are not their jobs; rather, their jobs become them. They bring new aspects to their jobs and that can only really be good for the company.

It's all about enthusiasm, I think; I like to fix broken things and the company I work for benefits from that.

As a side note, I don't work overtime and I don't usually stay late. My time is worth far more than I am being paid right now.